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Leading for the Greater Good

  This is the first installment in my leadership series, which will discuss several different components of leadership, what they mean, and why they are important.Leading for the greater good, is well understood by many but often difficult to implement.  Putting the company and what is best for the company above everything else, sounds like common sense, so why is it so difficult?  Two of the most important modules in the Complete Sales Operating System are People and Leadership, Management, and Accountability. People are the main reason for the difficulty. People are complicated. People are made up of emotions, baggage, and generally at work focused on self-preservation.  A great leader must truly understand this and execute towards the greater good at all times.Consultants InsightOne company I worked for truly struggled with this.  There was a small group of people that were always put above the greater good.  While this small group felt good, it resulted in an enormous negative impact on the rest, including:

  • Other employees disengaged due to special treatment.
  • Legal issues resulting from not using the same process on performance as they did with others.
  • Questioning and lack of trust in senior leadership.
  • Inability to grow the company.

Focusing on the greater good is important from the janitor all the way to the CEO.  If at any point, you have an individual in the company that struggles in this area specifically as a leader, it is time for either a coaching conversation or a change in leadership.  For businesses to grow and function in a healthy manner ask your team, and yourself with every decision, is this for the greater good or self-serving to one individual?If you would like to learn how the Complete Sales Operating System can transform your business in the areas of leadership, people, process, and more please visit our site here or feel free to contact me directly at ken@gcestrategicconsulting.comNext week I will discuss the importance of honoring your commitments, and its effects on your business.