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Fill Permanent Positions for Integrator, Senior Management and Staff Positions


Full Time Executives

By continually investing in C-Suite executives and professionals experienced in process methodology such as the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), we have a unique executive search model that provides top level candidates faster than general focused recruiting firms. 


Fractional Executives

Whether you are looking for an experienced Chief Operations Officer with experience in EOS, executives for sales, marketing, finance or other department; GCE has the essential infrastructure and personnel to fill temporary/fractional executive roles in practically any business environment.


Integrator Recruiting

Whether you are looking for a full-time or fractional integrator, we offer complete Integrator recruiting for organizations currently or considering using EOS or other business systems.


Departmental Personnel

Whether you are seeking a departmental leader for marketing, sales, finance, operations, customer support or another area of your business, we can assist in identify the most qualified person for your team.

Once I spoke with GCE over the phone, I didn’t think about working with anyone else, they are great..10 out of 10
— Kathleen Skaar, Founder & Executive Director

Our Approach

Our clients praise our unparalleled ability to find the one individual who not only has the required functional expertise, but also aligns directly with their specific business culture.  We accomplish this through our innovative, proprietary hiring process.

 We begin the hiring Process by listening to you.  We take the time to discern and understand the business objectives, needs and culture of your organization.  Based upon this crucial information, we employ our expertise and experience to tailor a fully-customized search and align our seasoned search professionals to ensure a timely, successful placement.  Whether you are seeking a full-time Integrator/Chief Operating Officer, VP of Sales, Marketing Executive, Finance Executive or a hard hitting departmental leader, we can make it happen.

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Integrator Recruiting

What is the purpose of the assessment?

  • We conduct an in-depth interview of the Visionary to determine the Integrator requirements,

  • We will provide an assessment and Integrator recruiting plan with your vision and goals aligned.

How is GCE’s recruiting model different?

  • We identify 50+ functional candidates, we not only screen them.

  • We interview the top vetted and qualified candidates.

  • Once you select your top candidate and hire them, We teach them the basics of EOS® overview.

  • We will provide 90 day and 180-day reviews to ensure that the Integrator is meeting the needs of the Visionary, culture, and business.

What GCE is doing around Integrator Training, Fractional Integrator Recruiting is much needed in the business world. Keep up the great work.
— Gino Wickman - Author of Traction

Proven Experience in the EOS Community

  1. Assess your current Integrator’s knowledge and experience

  2. Evaluate whether you require a full-time or fractional Integrator

  3. Fill in as fractional Integrator until we find a fractional or full-time Integrator

  4. Train your existing Integrator so that you get the fullest potential from them.

  5. Provide business coaching and consulting to align all functions around EOS®


Our Recruiting Process


Stage 1: Identify

We first start by learning more about your business, EOS® maturity, and goals. Once you agree to work with us, we will get started identifying 50+ functional candidates. Every candidate we hire will have executive-level experience and aligns with your business model and industry.


Stage 2: Interview

Conduct two separate interviews with our Integrator looking for Integrator functionality and expertise. Complete Separate interviews focused on culture and personality fit. We provide the Visionary with candidate information including strengths matching the Integrator qualifications and suggested interview areas.


Stage 3: HIRE

Once the Visionary identifies the top candidate, makes an offer and its accepted, our team will schedule 90 and 180 checkup meetings with the Visionary and Integrator to ensure that the Integrator has a successful transition into the new organization.


Stage 4: Review

Unlike our competitors, we don’t stop when we hand over the candidates. We committed to the success of the Integrator and Visionary relationships and will stay engaged for the first 180 days. We will conduct a 90 and 180 review to ensure that the hired Integrator is successful.


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