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Using EOS® to Help the Dysfunctional Become Functional and Achieve “Breakout Results”!

   Over a decade, I have built a career in Senior Leadership Positions in corporate America.  In recent years, I have gotten closer to the smaller business community, either through employment, consulting, or board positions.  While I am NOT a certified  EOS ®(Entrepreneurial Operating System) implementer, nor paid by EOS® in any way, I am a repetitive customer. I believe that EOS® deploys big company structure, thinking and know-how,  in a very simple form for smaller business owners to leverage. I have recommended EOS® to people I work with (including PE firms and other Investors,) and as an Integrator and past IMF attendee, I have been building a brand in helping companies that have adopted EOS® as both an Integrator and expert in driving revenue. Here are just a few of the challenges and questions EOS® can help businesses overcome and answer:The 6 Most Common Business Challenges EOS® Can Help With:

  • Challenged Vision
  • Poor Data
  • No Process
  • Insufficient Knowledge of How to Lead and Manage People
  • Lack of Planning
  • Unrealistic Expectations

4 Questions EOS Can Help You Answer

  • Why are we not growing?
  • What is the source of our employee turnover issues?
  • Why is it so hard to plan and execute across the business?
  • What is the basis for the complaints about communication and lack of understanding about where we’re going?

Consultant’s InsightThere is a very clear difference between an Implementer and an Integrator and both can offer your company significant value. You as an Owner or Visionary want them to be on the same page.Based on my experience there are two types of EOS® implementations, the first is an Implementer that sticks with you through the entire two-year process.  As an Integrator, I like to work in close collaboration with this person to strategize and help the company and the Visionary.The second type of implementation is what I call “EOS® lite”, and it refers to a company implementing EOS® themselves.  After speaking with many implementers, I’ve come to the understanding that the creator of EOS®, Gino Wickman, has encouraged this type of implementation.  In my professional opinion, this is not a good idea. While it can be done due to its simplicity, there is immense value in working with someone who has been through it 10, 20 or 30 times, not to mention the cost vs. return benefits.  I’ve seen several companies implement on their own with disappointing results, and in some cases they blame EOS®.  However, disappointing results are often a result of taking shortcuts, and the company eventually brings in an Implementer.Benefits of Using an EOS® ImplementerEric Crews a business owner who self-implemented and liked EOS® so much he decided that he wanted to become an implementer himself was quoted:"I originally implemented EOS® across my business in 2013.  Once I did, I decided to become an implementer.  After I had finished up my certification, I realized some of the mistakes I made, fortunately, it was my business.  I see people do this often, and even though EOS® is simple the advantages of doing it with an implementer whom can partner with Ken Paskins is invaluable, and it can pay for itself.”Those of you who are operationally driven or process-driven may view some of the approaches as simple, and they are, because that is the intent.  However, in the SME marketplace, there is a huge opportunity and great value that can be driven through EOS®.Why You Should Choose GCE Strategic Consulting for EOS® ImplementationAt GCE Strategic Consulting, we take this great system and build upon it helping owners, investors and CEO’s,  while offering significant value by further enhancing in the areas around People, Process, Data and Vision.  We also put a heavy emphasis on sales and how companies within the EOS® community can get break out results by applying the Complete Sales Operating System® in conjunction with EOS®. The Complete Sales Operating System® will help you maximize the vast amount of time and money you have invested in your business while helping you mitigate risk.CEB (Now Gartner) states that most companies reinvest 10% - 50% of their revenues back into sales, with so much time and capital at risk, why would you not do everything you can to win?  Working with GCE Strategic Consulting will give you an insurance policy for doing just that.  Moreover, if you leverage the complete plan and execute against it precisely, I guarantee better results or in certain cases you may be qualified for a refund.  Please reach out to us today for more details at GCE Strategic Consultanting or email me directly here: info@gcestrategicconsulting.com