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Honoring Commitments


Honoring Commitments

  What does it mean to honor commitments? How does it help companies whose leadership practice it, and how does it hurt companies whose leadership does not?I searched everywhere for a great definition of honoring commitments, but the simplest definition is just doing what you say you will do.  When you go into an organization you will find two types of leaders. those who do what they say and those who do not.  I can assure you that those who don’t, even though they are in charge, cause dramatic negative consequences in an organization. If you’ve ever worked for a leader that talked a big game but never delivered, you’ve  likely experienced this first hand.What Happens When You Don’t Honor Commitments

  • You create a company culture that will never reach its highest level on a “healthy scale.”
  • Your team will typically under execute because just as poor parenting creates a bad example for children, bad leadership creates a bad example for employees.
  • A lack of accountability in the organization.

Consultants InsightI draw from two sources quite a bit, CEB and the Harvard Business Review. According to the Harvard Business Review:“Our data support the paramount importance of reliability. A stunning 94% of the strong CEO candidates we analysed scored high on consistently following through on their commitments.  A key practice here is setting realistic expectations up front. In their first weeks on the job reliable CEOs resist the temptation to jump into execution mode. They dig into budgets and plans and engage with board members, employees, and customers to understand expectations. At the same time, they rapidly assess the business to develop their own point of view on what’s realistic and work to align expectations with that.” Whether you are a CEO or not, honoring your commitments in any management or leadership role is necessary to grow a company.What Happens When You Honor Commitments

  • You create a team that also leads by example.
  • You create a team that executes more consistently and drives predictable results.
  • You create a strong company culture based on trust and reliability.

Are you honoring your commitments? Is your team?  If you would like to learn how the Complete Sales Operating System can transform your business in this area and others, please visit our site here or feel free to contact me directly at ken@gcestrategicconsulting.comNext week I will discuss the importance of expectation setting in leadership.