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Recommended structure for Visionary / Integrator one-on-one meetings

We often get the question from Visionaries as to the best meeting cadence or types of meetings that the integrator and Visionary should have. We typically answer this question with more questions so we can solve the issue for the Visionary.

1. How often do you see your Integrator? If you work in separate physical locations as your Integrator, then you might want to consider weekly one-on-one meetings. If you work in the same physical place, then you need to decide if you have enough material and items to meet weekly or if bi-weekly makes sense. Bi-weekly is the longest you should go without having any one-on-one, whether it is with your Integrator or direct reports.

2. What is the purpose of the meetings? Is your one-on-one to catch-up on the business, is it being used as the same-page meeting, to discuss personnel issues, or level ten related items (scorecard, rocks, issues, etc.)? Even in smaller organizations, we recommend weekly level-ten meetings, which depending on the size of your level ten team, you could have a 15-minute check-in meeting with your Integrator right before the L10 meeting. Again, it depends on what your purpose is.

3. What outcomes do you expect from your meetings? This is similar to number two, but what is the expected outcome of your meeting? If the meeting is to get your and your integrator on the same page, then you need to schedule your weekly or bi-weekly same-page meetings. If the outcome is outside of the level ten agenda (scorecard, issues, rocks, etc.) and outside of the same page, then the meeting is more of an ad-hoc meeting to address specific business issues. If you have other leaders on your team, we encourage including them on your level ten sessions. Your same page meetings are designed to make sure you and your Integrator are on the "same page" with business issues or your (visionary) concerns.

4. Is your Integrator full-time or fractional If your Integrator is full-time, then weekly (if you are remote from each other), or bi-weekly if both of you are in the same facility? If your Integrator is fractional, then you need to work closely with your integrator to evaluate how frequently you need to meet. When you first hire a fractional integrator, they should be engaged in your business and weekly should be expected until they understand how to best work with you.

Benefits of regular Visionary / Integrator meetings

Meeting with your Integrator on a regular basis early into your relationship is essential to establishing a strong bond and relationship between the two of you. Whether you have a full-time integrator or fractional integrator, having regular same-page meetings allows you to create a strong leadership connection. The Visionary and Integrator accountabilities might be fundamentally different, but that doesn't mean that being on the same page as it relates to personnel, human resource items, financials, isn't essential. Just like every individual in your business, the skills and knowledge will be different. You can learn from your Integrator, just as much as they can learn from you. Whether you started the business together or you hired an integrator in later stages, your relationship shouldn't be taken lightly.

If you would like to learn more about the Integrator / Visionary relationship or are considering an Integrator for your business, we can help guide you through the entire process.