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EOS®is not a DIY project

 Self Implement or Hire a Professional EOS®?I see a lot of people out there who make a valiant attempt to implement EOS® alone rather than hire an Implementer.  Let me begin by stating firmly: Don’t do that! Working with a certified, high-quality Implementer is a critical component to getting the most out of EOS®.  Over the past year, I have walked into multiple businesses/clients who made the mistake of trying to implement EOS® themselves.The reasons people typically decide to implement themselves are:

  • To save money
  • Small company
  • Over-simplify the process

Granted, if you don’t have the money you don’t have the money. As is always the case with money (and time!) and resources, you must conserve and be strategic at all times. But the two areas where people get into the most trouble are the second two points above: small companies and process; these two usually go hand-in-hand.  That is to say, smaller companies typically lack strong leadership in the initial stages to implement correctly and truly understand some of the more complicated concepts such as RPRS / GWC or the Greater Good. While a smaller company can implement EOS®, what I often see is they have a Visionary or Founder that is also trying to serve in the role of Integrator as well.  And what happens then is he/she will tend to over-simplify the process of Implementation. For example, instead of taking two years to roll out the system, they try to do it all in two months.  Or they don’t stick with the Vision and drive the team to execute against the VTO correctly. In this situation, a solid Implementer can step in and help get you back on track. What to look for in an Implementer:

  • What is their business experience and how much depth do they have?  If you pick the right Implementer you will get a lot more strategic value rather than just implementing by rote the operating system.
  • Consider the chemistry the Implementer has with both you and your team.
  • Hire the person that will challenge you and push back.  The worst thing a business owner can do is surround themselves with a leadership team, advisors or an Implementer that always agrees and goes along with you.
  • Find someone who is well organized, structured and disciplined.  Specifically, if you have a young company you want your team to look up to this person, which will help them better understand and appreciate LMA, RPRS / GWC and Accountability.

There are lots of highly qualified Implementers across the country and I have formed great relationships with many of them.  If you have any questions or want to know who might be best to help you and your company, I am always happy to answer an email or take a call. Reach out to us today and send an email!