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A Checklist of the Right Integrator

 The role of an Integrator is fundamental for your business and as a Visionary that truly wants to take their business to new heights, you want to make sure you are getting the right Integrator for your business. It’s important to choose the integrator that will drive revenue and bring organization to your business. Finding the best Integrator is challenging unless you know what to look for. The following is a checklist of all the key skills and attributes you should look out for when searching for a great Integrator.MODULE 1: FAVORABLE BUSINESS SKILLS/TRAITS

  • Strategic thinking skills - The right integrator should think strategically and in a way that helps your business flourish. The questions you need to consider are: Do they understand greatly the business dynamics and functions? Can the lead all these procedures? Can the take ambiguous ideas and transform them into actions and tangible results?
  • Leadership skills - Leadership skills are essential for managing and making the most of a team’s potential. For example, does your candidate have a proven track history of creating and growing teams? Can the inspire and raise the morale of team members? Can they lead by example? Are they capable of resolving conflict and issues among team members when these arise? Are the effective communicators and do they make the most of the team?


  • Are they reliable?
  • Can they assume responsibility for their ideas and actions?
  • Do they show effective problem-solving skills?
  • Are they adaptable and flexible?
  • Are they emotionally stable? Can they take grounded and viable decisions?
  • Are they aiming high?
  • Do they have a winning mindset? Do they know what it takes to win?


  • Have they already worked as Integrator in a similar industry?
  • Can they bring new experiences to the table?
  • Do they understand the business and its dynamics?


  • Are the skills of the Integrator compatible with my industry?
  • Does the candidate share a similar vision with me?
  • Can the Integrator follow the core values of the company?


  • Do they offer a new perspective on the ideas brought to the table?
  • Can they point out any mistakes and gaps?
  • Can they do anything necessary to fill any gaps and fix any mistakes to improve business procedures?
  • Can they challenge me in a positive way?

Essentially, it is a mixture of all these skill areas that an Integrator needs to possess to be a good fit for your business. A real Integrator ideally has to be business savvy, experienced, great leader, great communicator and a DOER--not just a mere thinker, which is the job of a Visionary. Sure, they can also bring some of their ideas to the mix as well, but their main duty is to help convert these ideas into actions and positive results. That is why you should really research and test your candidates either on your own or with the help of a retained search firm that will make sure the candidates fulfill all the above criteria and weed out anyone that isn’t a good fit. Are you ready to look for the right integrator? We can help you find the right Integrator. Contact us.