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The Importance of Investing in Your Integrator

As we all know, for small companies cash is always tight and when it isn’t tight, most business owners look for ways to invest back into the business to help them fully realize their dream.  Dreams will run the gamut from a lifestyle business to a growth business. Regardless, if you’re implementing EOS®, you have (or should have) an Integrator. What I have seen far too often is that many small companies who are out there practicing EOS® either do so without an Integrator or they settle for an inferior version of an Integrator type employee.  They usually do so in an effort to save money. Now I get it: not everyone can afford a $250k Integrator to help them get to the promised land. However, you need to start your journey toward the dream by heading in the right direction, right?We have a solution for you that focuses on driving true ROI and getting the most of your current Integrator by grooming them to grow your business effectively. We focus on critical aspects of the EOS® that Integrators must know really well in order to propel your business.  Some of what we emphasize is LMA, Communications, Project Management, and Problem Solving. But what happens if you go through all the trouble and expense of training an Integrator and they take what they’ve learned to a new job with a different company? GCE protects your investment.  With us, you will invest in your Integrator for the good of your business and mitigate almost entirely any risk of churn and the subsequent loss of a hefty financial investment.What would it be worth if your Integrator understood how to effectively get the Right People in the Right Seat and reduce employee turnover?  What would it be worth if your Integrator became a stronger, more savvy leader and manager? Consider not just the soft-cost savings but true-hard cost savings as well.If you are looking to grow and have an Integrator that needs a little boost without breaking the bank, reach out to us and we can help you understand how to get a better ROI with your Integrator.  Learn more here.