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We are GCE Strategic Consulting, we work with business owners, visionaries and integrators’ who embrace the principles of various business models specifically the Entrepreneurial Operating System® EOS®, but could be other models as well, to get the results that they both need and deserve at an investment they can afford. We do this by offering a fractional executives, recruiting, coaching and mentors, that are focused on the greater good of your business, or by hiring and training the right leader for your business.


Ken Paskins

CEO / Sr. Partner
Fractional Integrator

Ken Paskins is the Founder and Fractional Integrator for Hire at GCE Strategic Consulting. He is passionate about compelling people, divisions, and companies to achieve more than they thought possible by driving revenue, cutting cost and mitigating risk. For nearly 25 years, as a President, COO, Executive Sales Leader, Full Time Integrator & Fractional Integrator, Ken has led P&L's north of $250M, large and small teams, driven new processes, systems, and GTM strategies, in both start-ups and Fortune 100 environments across the United States, Canada and Internationally.

Ken has been actively involved with the EOS® community for nearly four years. Ken has worked in a variety of industries, company sizes and funding stages helping companies get "unstuck" marrying his Big Company / Leadership experience with EOS®. To learn more about how Ken fell into EOS so passionately click here.

Ken's DISC® is a High D followed by C, as “Individualist” with the ability to achieve any objective. StrengthsFinders®  themes are Analytical, Responsibility, Strategic, Command, Achiever. Myers Briggs ESTJ (The Executive) and KOLBE of 8-7-3-2.  (See full copies of all test on LinkedIn Profile)


Bob BuWalda

Sr. Partner / Fractional Executive

Robert "Bob" BuWalda Fractional VP of Sales for Hire has 40 years of experience leading high-performance sales teams.  He is an expert in building and executing vertical market segmentation strategies which include financial services, healthcare, public sector, and higher education. He has developed and executed GTM strategies that have led to 40% year over year growth in high technology environments and excels at managing complex, multi-pillar engagements, including multiple eight-figure transactions.  He is a relentless recruiter of sales talent and is passionate about advancing the careers of salespeople to management.  

Bob has extensive experience leading teams in virtually all of the high technology sales disciplines including computer systems, networking components, technology software, application software and both business and management consulting services. He has led sales teams in the direct, indirect and channel sales models.  A dedication to customer success is at the centre of his enablement plans that deliver exceptional results for his clients.  


Mike Griffith

Partner / Director of Recruiting

Michael Griffith is a senior business executive with a 25 plus-year successful track record of providing vision, strategy, and leadership critical to high-performance global organizations. He has led teams with companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 100. Mike’s teams consistently have executed on revenues in excess of $200MM.  Mike has focused on recruiting the best of the best for senior leaders to sales individual contributors. The highly successful individuals Mike has recruited are for pre and post IPO startups and large complex organizations. He hired and managed teams for Oracle, Unisys, TeleTech, Startek, and others, in IT and BPO companies. We follow strict processes for searching, vetting and candidate engagement with organizations which ensures a smooth integration into new roles and faster ramp to productivity.

Mike’s knowledge, experience, and industry contacts help him to recruit top-level people and build high performing organizations. He has experience in the US, Canada, Europe, and Pacific Rim with both IT and BPO. Mike has been a member of executive strategy leadership teams for pre IPO to large organizations and has served as a member of corporate and community boards.  

Integrator Recruiting Services, listed on Rocket Fuel


Perry Tanner

Director of Strategic Relations

Perry Tanner joins GCE Strategic Consulting following a successful seven-year run at Cohere Technologies, and before that held executive leadership positions at EMS Technologies and a 20-year career at Scientific Atlanta, Inc. Perry has held a variety of marketing, sales, and operations positions, including serving as general manager for two Scientific Atlanta business units. Tanner will focus on developing partnerships with EOS® implementers along with other partners in the ecosystem as he assumes his new role with GCE Strategic Consulting

Perry’s experience both leading businesses and overseeing marketing in various executive roles apply to his role at GCE, where our Integrator Recruiting, Integrator Training, Sales Operating System®, and Strategic Consulting are well known.


We Aren’t Like Most Consultanting Firms or Recruiters

We give you a competitive advantage by providing actionable systems, process and people to build and maintain business results. We help a broad range of industries, and company sizes – from small businesses and startups, to enterprise companies and big brands. We try to meet the needs of most companies, but we don't work with everyone that needs our help. Companies don’t have to have huge budgets to work with us, but they do need to believe what we believe about how the importance of having the right people in the right seat and the importance of having a solid foundation to build from.


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