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Coaching & Mentoring

The keys to leadership effectiveness

Business Coaching and Mentoring


Are you struggling with:

  • Business Growth has Slowed or Stopped Entirely

  • As CEO/Visionary you feel overwhelmed

  • You have little or no profit from your business

  • You have the wrong people in the wrong seat

  • Struggling to prioritize initiatives for the business

  • Don’t have time to coach/mentor junior managers


Why Business Coaching and Mentorship?

Develop Essential Skills for Effective Leaders

  • Critical qualities all successful leaders must possess

  • Unique leadership style: Recognizing your strengths and limitations

  • Develop the differences between managing and leading

  • Tools and skills to ensure employees feel valued by you and the organization

Help leaders and managers succeed

  • Recognizing the reasons for employee mistakes and frustration

  • How to handle the most common employee problems

  • How to discuss performance issues effectively in a face-to-face meeting

  • Learn your role when an employee brings personal problems to work

  • Holding employees accountable—the bottom line in dealing with underachievers


Business Coaching

Business Coaching is an important process that significantly enhances the economic achievement of business leaders and owners alike. At GCE Strategic Consulting, we concentrate on helping people – especially entrepreneurs/visionaries – helping to substantially grow their businesses.


Leadership Mentoring

If you are a business owner/visionary and wish you had time to mentor junior leaders on your team, then you should consider GCE’s mentoring program. We believe mentoring contributes to the development of a better-trained and engaged workforce. Our experiences leaders, coaches and mentors help your junior managers learn the ropes at the company, develop relationships across the organization, and identify skills that they can developed or improve upon.


Integrator Coaching

The Visionary/Integrator relationship is crucial in any organization, yet sometimes the relationship is strained and needs help. Our experienced Integrators can work closely with both the Integrator and Visionary to identify areas that the relationship can improve. We will provide guidance and recommendations to help you strengthen your working relationship.