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Why Should I Onboard My Employees—Can’t I Just Hire the Best and Go?

“Onboarding” is another vital component of the Complete Sales System.  Yet oddly enough, most companies completely neglect it.  So let’s think about this: you dump all of this money into sales, you hire expensive resources and buy cool tools to help the team. So why not help them onboard more quickly and get to generating revenue more efficiently?Onboarding employees correctly is absolutely critical not only to your success but to their success as well.  During the first couple of weeks an employee is a sponge—not just learning, but also evaluating their decision to join the company based upon how effectively you have worked this plan.  Successful onboarding shows the employee that you care, you are investing in their success, and that you as a company have some skin in the game as well.  I have seen drastic differences in companies, divisions and teams that do this and do it well.There are a lot of different sites and statistics out there that point to the importance of onboarding.  Here is a blog I found that lists 18 stats about onboarding and its importance: http://blog.clickboarding.com/18-jaw-dropping-onboarding-stats-you-need-to-know .If you do the math you’ll see the gains your company could realize in retention, turnover, and performance/productivity.  Just a couple of minor improvements across all of these dials can benefit your business significantly.Here are some key deliverables I like to build out when it comes to onboarding a team:

  • Company culture
  • Core focus
  • Resources to leverage and when
  • Solutions for how to sell and when
  • Team sales training program
  • Systems and process overview
  • HR and benefits

None of this is rocket science, but then again most things in business are not.  The key is putting it all together and actually implementing it.If you’d like more help in this area, please reach out to me at www.gcestrategicconsulting.com .  Stay tuned for the next article, which builds upon this one: “Professional Development.”