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What is the magic to driving results consistently?

 A couple of months ago I wrote an article on social selling. It was sparked in my conversations with Mario Martinez www.linkedin.com/in/mthreejr . After being in sales and sales leadership for nearly 25 years with a highly successful track record, I have learned a thing or two www.linkedin.com/in/kenpaskins . However, my success is not just due to experience or time; it is the way in which I view the world, which I believe is unique. For those who do not know me, here is a little about my experience. During my career, I have:· Worked for private and public companies: $5M - Fortune 100· Gained valuable experience in venture capital (VC) & private equity (PE)· Held roles as President, CRO, SVP, VP, Sr. Director, and more· Managed P&L's up to $250M· Managed Teams over 100· Obtained board experience· Directed Challenger implementation· Directed EOS implementation· Worked in mergers & acquisitions (M&A)· Closed Contracts Over $40M· Directed risk mitigation· Gained multinational experience· Led teams in direct & indirect salesI do not know how many times I have worked with, for, or beside highly successful leaders who just didn’t fully get it. Please keep in mind that in my field these leaders are bringing in, on the low end, $300k a year, and many are $550k-plus. I began to look back on my career and realised that what attracted me the most was working in a role where things were broken, laughed at, and where people had just given up. I guess the reason for me was that these types of roles were where the money was. Moreover, I knew I could do what others could not.I view sales and sales leadership as a chess board, as silly as that sounds. I know where I want to go and how to get there, and I visualise it in my head. In sales, it was the same mindset that helped me close a software deal for $40M (which, by the way, I closed one month after 9-11), and several others at $10M-plus. When I moved up into management, I challenged myself to achieve that same vision I had had as a salesperson. It did not happen immediately, but it happened quickly—after three years I reached it!I started going to on company after company and helped my teams break records, drive results and do things that most people not only couldn’t understand but didn’t even see. I then started sitting on different boards and offering my same advice and insights. To my surprise, I started to realise that I am not only an executor but a visionary.After doing this time and time again, I began to reflect, and asked myself, “What am I doing, and why doesn’t the rest of the world see it the way I do?” I remember going through TAS training with BEA Systems in 2000, and being so confused about why we were going through training that was so basic—I could not understand why everyone did not get it. I then remember specifically noticing what the trainer was wearing—I looked at that gold Rolex watch and asked the question. His answer was that the very best reps are also visionaries and are unconsciously competent. Moreover, they just do it! Moreover, that TAS and other systems are for everyone else who does not think that way. My guess is this may not help you.In management and leadership, it became the same. It did not matter about the size of my team or how many reports I had. I realised that I viewed my staff as a chess board just as I did in sales, and I unconsciously did it over and over, company after company. Then I began to document what I did or saw and narrowed it down to 15 key components to drive sales records. I call it the world's first and only Complete Sales System.You see, if you look at sales, there are thousands of companies out there to help you with tools, systems, training, process, etc. However, what I have realised is that it is not one silver bullet. It is a holistic approach, and every single component is critical to driving results.So what are those components?GTM - How to establish the most efficient, cost-effective modelExpectations – Why is expectation-setting so important and how to doCreativity – Create demand, don’t just fulfil itProcess – Put down the tracks to followMetrics – Inspect what you expectTop Grading – Critical for long term successPeople – Your most important asset but what does that mean?Feedback – Employees need it, and you need to give itRevenue – Does anything else matter?Onboarding- Time is the greatest enemy of sales and driving revenueReward & Recognition – Not just money…Tools & Systems – Give them what they need to drive the results you deserveProfessional Development – Drive employee engagementCommunications – Let everyone know what’s going onLMA – People leave YOUOver the next six months, I will be releasing my view on each of these, and giving you insight into why each is so important. I will also be releasing other articles on leadership, management and operations as well. I encourage you not just to read and follow, but to invite others to do so as well! Moreover, please reach out to me with any questions so I can help. If you want more information, you can click here as well. https://gcestrategicconsulting.com/complete-sales-systemHere is what I can tell you for sure: no one has ever presented this complete approach to you before. I know others get it and see the world the way I do, but I have yet to find another approach so holistic and documented, and which helps bring the unconsciously competent to everyone who touches the customer and impacts revenue for your business.

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