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Transparency as a Leadership Team

 As today’s employees expect more transparency at their workplaces, it’s more important than ever that leaders are implementing true and honest communication throughout the organization. In a 2017, article on Forbes  Bill Fotsch and John Case writes about Apptopia, Inc,.a mobile-app market analytics firm in Boston is completely transparent with their employees. Large monitors are visible to all employees as they enter the workplace and as they turn on their computers. The monitors show monthly revenues, client numbers, and customer churn. Chief executive Eliran Sapir sees this transparency as a “silent motivator” for employees to keep the company moving forward.I believe most people do want to be transparent; however, they are scared and/or not sure they understand how to implement true transparency within their organization. Here are several steps to help get started being more transparent:

  • Start with an anonymous survey to the employees. Get their feedback which will start to build trust and help them feel appreciated.
  • Next, answer the questions and address the survey responses openly..
  • Ask employees to be openly transparent and honest with you.  This is freeing to them even though scary, as a survey they can hide behind.
  • Have a regular communications cadence and share both the good and the bad.
  • Don’t sugar coat changes in the business that are necessary to drive the business forward.
  • Be humble

Being transparent, whether as a spouse, parent, employee and/or employer can be scary; however nothing good ever comes from not being transparent. If you are looking coaching on how to establish transparency throughout your organization, shoot us an email.