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The Role of the Visionary and Integrator

Regardless of the business field, you are in, active entrepreneurs have to deal with the same or similar challenges and concerns. It’s very easy to get confused and overwhelmed by the whole thing. And even though perhaps you have already achieved a milestone in your business, the growth and potential will be your next step. Initially, this is challenging as you need the right procedures, tools, and most vitally, someone with whom you can share your goals and dreams.The EOS® platform was created by established Entrepreneur and writer Gino Wickman to assist entrepreneurs of all kinds in getting moving, resolving problems, and advance their companies.The concept of an “Integrator” was introduced by him in his work Traction and was again mentioned in detail in his next book Rocket Fuel. He also highlighted the essential and dynamic combo of a Visionary and an Integrator as a tool to advance a business.Up until now, companies who have utilized this dynamic duo have made impressive steps towards growth and expansion of their business. Who are we talking about?The Visionary is essentially the Dreamer of the equation. They are the ones responsible for generating ideas and plans. The Visionary in the majority of cases is the CEO, president or owner of the business. While many times the Visionary is aware of their dreams and goals, they aren’t always aligning with actual implementation. This is where an Integrator comes to help…The Integrator's role is to help DO or in other words, implement goals. They are ok with being the second most important person in this process are often the Vice President, the Manager assistant, COO, or general manager. They are like the “captain” of the crew that will drive and merge everyone and everything together towards achievement. They will not hesitate to tell the Visionary what they need to improve and resolve issues while keeping conflict to a minimum. An integrator’s role is also to pay attention to the Visionary’s concerns and come up with ways to address them. And even though their role is to act by nature, that doesn’t mean that Integrator can’t have a bit of a Visionary inspiration as well. They are big analyzers and critical thinkers of original ideas with robust and varied experience.  They also have a profound knowledge of the business model and what makes all business elements glue together.Sadly, it is said that only 2% of all business people have all that it takes to be an Integrator. Things can shift by working with true Integrator Recruiters that are capable of choosing the best for your business model, so you are one step closer towards successful implementation. Are you ready to implement your goals? With us, we can help you find the Integrator for your company. Contact us.