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Communication Cadence

A Gallup poll on employee engagement found 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged. Communication, often taken for granted, is critical for effective management and keeping your employees engaged. Helping your team understand what is happening and where you are going is a vital component to driving results.Admittedly, I don’t believe I have ever worked at a company in which every employee was happy with the level of communication. However, I have found that communication improves employee relations, increases productivity, and promotes a collaborative workspace.3 Factors to Consider for Communication in Your Business

  • The size of your team.
  • The distribution of the team.
  • The layers between you and the ground troops.

Consultant InsightThe larger your team the more important it is for critical communication points to be documented and laid out.  At every company in which I’ve worked with more than 50 employees under me, I always put together what I call a communication cadence.  This communication cadence is a document that lists quarterly reviews, forecast calls, quarterly updates, and more.  I then post these on the calendar and repeat them consistently, same day and same month, to make it clear for the team.The distribution of your team becomes especially important with remote workers. In high-tech I’ve had people report to me across nine time zones and my boss has had reports across four.  Working remotely out of my home office is not a big deal to me, but many find it a challenge. Effective communication here can improve team cohesion and productivity.The layers between yourself and ground level is another reason to formalize a clear communication cadence.  When I was starting out and would move up a layer, I often heard employees say, “My boss told me something different.”  Communication breakdowns and managers not executing against the plan set, poor leadership, were often the cause.GCE Key Deliverables for Tools and Systems

  • Identifying what needs to be communicated and when.
  • Coaching for effective communication.

 If you’d like more help in this area, please reach out to me here https://gcestrategicconsulting.com/contact.  Stay tuned for our next article on “LMA—Leadership, Management and Accountability.”