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The Challenges and Rewards of Working with a Visionary Entrepreneur

 It’s always interesting to sit down and talk with a visionary entrepreneur. The visionary is passionate, driven, optimistic and highly intelligent – she is a true force of nature and a standout among the parade of worker bees that comprise the rest of the world. In any given meeting with a visionary, you’d better prepare for a conversation that will run the gamut from business to imported beers and just about everything in between. While it’s inspiring and fun, it can be incredibly challenging to get anything concrete accomplished. Even when you’re prepared with an agenda (on which he agreed!) and have a hard deadline with specific goals, the visionary will easily get off track.  I once sat in on a meeting with such a man and his staff of 8. I was shocked that the team spent most of the meeting talking about the benefits of standing desks - and shouldn’t we all consider making the switch – as soon as possible? Yes! Please get somebody in here who can revamp our whole office right away. This is revolutionary! Mind you, standing desks were nowhere on the agenda, as far as I knew – but it was the dominant thought of the moment and it stole the precious few minutes of the Visionary’s time for which the team had been impatiently waiting to get for weeks. Before the team could get a handle on the digression, the Visionary was out the door and dashed off to the next important/urgent meeting to discuss heaven only knows what with another team. The amount of wasted time and energy is hard to quantify yet it is absolutely tangible. While in the moment, in the presence of their Leader the Visionary, the team feels energized and motivated but almost immediately upon his exit, their questions go unaddressed, their agenda is left on the sidelines, and the team’s motivation and morale take the biggest hit in the long run. Even the brilliant standing desks idea ultimately dies in the wake of disorganization. What every visionary needs to succeed is a complementary partner. Somebody who can not only listen to all her great ideas, but who can sift through the ideas and focus the team on the ones that have a shot at advancing the big-picture agenda, growing the business and driving real results. Teams need someone who can walk into the meeting and use their hard-working talent to keep everybody on task and feel just as inspired and motivated as they did when they first got the job. This is where GCE comes in. Our job is to make sure the Visionary and his team have an actionable plan with specific steps, job responsibilities and deliverables. GCE’s uses the principles of the EOS® to reign in the Visionary and wield the strengths and skill set of the team to get traction.   Send us an email and let’s talk about how we can help you achieve the success your company deserves.  We will help you run the numbers and quantify the dollars we could impact, not just from a cost perspective but profit and results as well.