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5 Traits of a Visionary Leader

Do you see yourself as a leader? Or would you like to become a leader? There are very few true visionary leaders in the world. If you’d like to be counted among them, you might want to study the five traits of a visionary leader.

1. Discipline

True leaders who have vision are disciplined. They also teach discipline by example and expect their paid employees to exhibit the same kind of self-control. Discipline and self-control go together because without one you cannot have the other. Discipline means being able to say no to temptations that would pull you away from achieving your goals. It means having the self-control to refrain from emotional outbursts that do nothing but vent personal frustrations. Having discipline helps a person to work long hours in order to get a job done.

2. Passion

Another one of the five crucial leadership traits is passion. People who succeed know that you need passion and enthusiasm to work on something long-term. You don’t get success overnight. It takes long, concerted effort, sometimes over years. Passion is what gets you through the tedious parts that are less exciting. Passion is what drives you to keep driving ahead even when everything seems to be going against you. Passion is an important trait that is needed for this kind of leadership

3. Focus

Successful leaders are focused on achieving their goals. The biggest mistake that most people make, is they change their goals before they get anywhere. People lose sight of what they want, especially if a long period of time passes. Leaders that change the world don’t lose their focus. It’s almost like they have pinpoint vision. They’re able to be laser focused on the one thing that they want, and they don’t let anything deter them from the path to get there. The other part of this trait is that leaders who have vision choose just one thing to focus on at a time. They understand that their energy has to be completely focused on one thing in order to succeed. Every extra thing only serves to dilute that energy, making it less likely that a person will reach any goal.

4. Support

The most successful people in history had the support of other people around them. It’s virtually impossible for anyone to accomplish something great all by themselves. It takes the help and support of others who believe in what you’re trying to do. That’s why leadership traits are so important. In order to achieve this kind of success, you must be able to motivate and rally people behind you. Their support will bolster you and help you rise high enough that you can lead even more people. Their support will help to fill in with any shortcomings you may have. With the support of other people, you really do have the opportunity to become a truly great leader.

5. Vision

Finally, to have the leadership traits of a true visionary, you need to have vision. This isn’t something that can be learned. Vision is something that you’re born with. The greatest leaders in the world had vision. John Paul Getty had it. Henry Ford had it. Steve Jobs had it. They all saw something possible in the future that didn’t yet exist.

Do you have what it takes to be a leader with vision? All of the five traits mentioned above are integral to the role.