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Sales Operating System

Create high performing sales organizations

Effective Sales Process and Methodology

Are you Faced with:

  • Lack of sales execution and consistency delivery?

  • No real sales process or structure in place?

  • Outdated sales incentive and reward program in place?

  • No or Ineffective Sales Leadership?

  • No sales on-boarding and training program in place?

  • Lack of effective metrics and dashboards?

  • No feedback mechanism in place for sales reps?

  • Lack of alignment between sales and marketing?


CSOS Webinar

Click on the image to the left to go the our latest webinar with Cascade Strategy on how we have implemented The Complete Sales Operating System to run inside of Cascade Strategy Software. Watch this educational video on how you can build a high-performance selling organization.


% of Sales Personnel That Hit Quota

The majority (55%) of sales personnel in the United States failed to hit their quota in 2018. Do you have the right people and processes to ensure sales success?


Sales Effectiveness

24% of sales personnel report that their sales training is effective, 26% reported they had no formal on-boarding and 60% lacked any coaching.


What is the Complete Sales Operating System?

The Complete Sales Operating System (CSOS) is a maturity model and road-map for building, monitoring and maintaining high performance sales organizations. It is a maturity model in that is assesses current capabilities and builds on those strengths, a road-map that identifies gaps between your current state and desired goals and it is complete in that is addresses both revenue and cost containment.


6 W Analysis

Download the 6W Analysis: If you sales force can’t answer these six simple questions. You will lose. If you have a sales organization, regardless of the size of your team, if they don’t have a clear process to follow, they will struggle to meet their quotas and you will have a low performance sales team.


Benefits of the Complete Sales Operating System


Why the Complete Sales Operating System Works

The Complete Sales Operating System is a methodology for closing those gaps, based on best practices derived from over seventy years of direct management experience and best practices.

1. CSOS is delivered in cloud format, which assures all documents are living

2. Embodies repeatable methodology

3. Is survivable across sales management changes

4. Reduces the risk inherent in building high performance sales organizations.


The Complete Sales Operating System Process



We take your vision, values, value proposition, and strategic goals and map them in the correct sales execution model. We leverage what you have and fill in the gaps with sales strategy.



We provide tools that manage goals, projects, and KPI’s to mitigate risk, drive revenue and cut expenses in your business thereby truly partnering in your growth.



We help create clear, actionable plans and track them to completion through easy-to-read dashboards and reports.



We help guide your sales execution arm with performance management tools and spot check to drive results.


Click here to download the full case study for Cheshire Impact

The Complete Sales Operating System Case Study - Cheshire Impact

A marketing company was executing a growth strategy emphasizing consulting services. Their traditional target market was customer training of marketing solutions but was exhibiting slow growth due to market saturation. Effectively realigning the sales and operations team towards a consulting services model proved challenging.

Bob BuWalda (GCE Strategic Consulting) delivered exceptional results in a short period of time. In addition to leading us through 35% YoY sales growth, he worked closely with our executive team to mature and align the overall sales model to our strategic objectives and evolving product sets
— Brian Talarczyk - COO/GM - Cheshire Impact

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