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Faster, Smarter, More Efficient Sales & Business Strategy

We work with you to address your most critical sales, marketing, operational and finance priorities


Would you like to improve sales?

  • No sales process in place?

  • Wishing you had a formal sales structure?

  • Sales team members aren’t hitting their quotas?

  • You don’t have a true sales leader in place?


Wish you had better operational alignment?

  • You have no business system or process in place?

  • Using EOS® , wish you had better alignment?

  • Your junior leaders need coaching & mentoring?

  • Your goals and financials are in chaos?


Your growth has slowed down?

  • Lack enough or low qualified leads?

  • Your sales team isn’t converting enough deals?

  • Your expenses are out-of-line for your model?

  • You were growing, but its drastically slowed?


Our Proven Strategic Framework


What is the Framework:

GCE Strategic Consulting Framework is made up of four key areas. These areas are typically the areas that impact an organizations ability to embrace business systems and processes such as EOS. The framework is designed to make sure you have all of the right people, process, systems and results in place.

How We Use It:

We work with the CEO/Visionary, COO/Integrator and the leadership teams, using our proven method of Discovery, Confirmation, Recommendation and Implementation. We help identify and validate gaps; plan and execute the plans required to achieve the one-year plan by helping guide, coach and mentor your team along the way.

  1. People- do you have the right people in the right seat?

  2. Process- Is your Sales & Marketing working for you?

  3. Systems - Do you have the right systems to support the business?

  4. Financials - Do you have clarity on revenue, profits and risk?


How we help you create and build extraordinary businesses


Sales System Implementation & Process

If you are looking to add structure and organization to your sales organization, we created the Complete Sales Operating System (CSOS) specifically for these reasons. CSOS is made of up decades of experience building high-performance sales organizations.


Business Coaching
& Mentoring

You have a manager on your team that is struggling to adjust to the new role. You don’t want to fire and hire someone else -- for cost reasons and you don’t want to give up on them. Because you’re busy yourself, you can arrange a 1-on-1 coaching session for your employee.


Small Business

We understand the challenges small business owners have to deal with every day: budgets are tight, resources are limited, and business systems and processes aren’t worth much if you don’t have a fully aligned team, strategy and a plan that isn’t implemented.

I am writing this as an EOS® Implementer who works with 20 clients whose businesses range in size from $1m - $60m. Ken gets things done and he does what he says he is going to do. Just as important, he helps other Executives and Senior Leaders ‘get’ their job, and helps them to stay accountable and on-track with the targets that they set.
— Eric Crews - Certified EOS Implementer