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North Carolina non-profit needed in integrator that complimented their prison ministry mission and EOS®

Kathleen Skaar, Founder and Executive Director, Christian Library International

Kathleen Skaar, Founder and Executive Director, Christian Library International

Christian Library International

Founded in 1996 by Kathleen Skaar to provide ministry, bibles, and studies to inmates within the prison system. Through their work in prison ministry, Christian Library International hope to make disciples in prisons in the United States and around the globe.

Christian Library International’s prison ministry has two primary methods of fostering that relationship: distributing Bibles, Christian Books, and offering a free inmate Bible study lessons.

When inmates begin to build their relationship with the Lord, they are empowered by the Holy Spirit to rebuild their lives. It is is the mission of Christian Library International that all inmates find a personal relationship with God and renewal in Christ.

Free Inmate Bible Study

Additionally Christian Library International offers a free Bible Study to any inmate who is interested in learning more about being in relationship with Christ. The free inmate Bible study is written to help foster new believers to maturity.  As inmates become disciples, Christian Library Internationals hope is that Christ’s message of mercy and forgiveness spreads throughout correctional facilities, families, and communities.


Christian Library International is a non-profit working in prison ministry, and they had come across the rocket fuel book through one of their financial partners. Kathleen Skaar, Founder, and Executive Director said that what Rocket Fuel said about having two leaders made a lot of sense. Kathleen went to the EOS website and found GCE Strategic Consulting.

Before working with GCE Strategic Consulting, Kathleen said they were looking to hire on their own. She said they used their network and connections that produced a couple of candidates. After interviewing several candidates, she said their efforts didn’t produce the results they needed. They realized they needed a recruiter with experience with EOS and that understood the Integrator role and they felt that GCE would meet those requirements.


Kathleen reached out to GCE and initially spoke with CEO Ken Paskins. She said it just took a short call with Ken that she knew it was going to be a good working relationship with GCE. Ken referred her to Mike, the Recruiting leader at GCE to get the process started. Kathleen said, “Mike did an excellent job; he didn’t waste my time, asked a lot of good questions to get the process moving.”

Due to the nature of their Christian Library Internationals mission and outreach, Kathleen knew it would take time to find a cultural fit. Once a few candidates were identified, Kathleen knew they would be a great cultural fit almost immediately. It was essential that candidates matched culturally and that they had the skills required to be the organization’s Integrator. Kathleen stated, “Mike helped steer the process and got both the cultural fit and someone that had the experience and knowledge to jump right into the Integrator role.”

I enjoyed the fact that GCE focused on what I needed, an Integrator, They knew about rocket fuel. I feel they are not a regular recruiter, and they know about EOS and how to how to find quality Integrator candidates.
— Kathleen Skaar, Founder & Executive Director

GCE Strategic Consulting REcruiting

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 We begin the hiring Process by listening to you.  We take the time to discern and understand the business objectives, needs and culture of your organization.  Based upon this crucial information, we employ our expertise and experience to tailor a fully-customized search and align our seasoned search professionals to ensure a timely, successful placement.  Whether you are seeking a full-time Integrator/Chief Operating Officer, VP of Sales, Marketing Executive, Finance Executive or a hard hitting departmental leader, we can make it happen.

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Are you looking for ways get involved in prison ministry? Christian Library International is a great place to find ways to serve in prison ministry. You can volunteer from home, join us in our offices, or attend one of our events.

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