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You're Employees Are Firing You

 Your Employees Keep Firing You Now What?When our team is called in to assess and work with a new company, we look at the company culture, leadership team and ask several questions. These questions allow us to assess the health of the company financially and emotionally.  There are signs to indicate issues with the leadership team. Questions lead to answersAsking these questions or similar ones allow us to talk about the process inside the company, the culture and how the leadership team works with the staff.  Paying well, great benefits and job security will only take your company so far. Treat your employees poorly and are not open to criticism, transparency, feedback, and advice, you simply won’t grow.  

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 Recognizing a Weak Leadership TeamAsking about the leadership team will give strong indicators about the quality of the leader.  Finding people on the management team that are not supportive, are not engaged with employees or focus on their own success versus company wide success leads to discord in the company.  As we have previously discussed, it’s more fiscally efficient to keep your employees then hire new ones.  How to assess a strong leadership teamEmployees that are eager to come to work, look forward to new projects are a reliable indicator of being happy at work. However, if several of your key leadership roles are recently filled, and you have a turn over rate of over 35%, it may be time to assess.   Through healthy company, healthy leadership and healthy culture, not only will you and your employees thrive, but the results of your overall company will as well.  Don’t get fired! There is help, and I can provide it.  Please reach out to me at info@gcestrategicconsulting.com