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What Is an Integrator?

Over the past couple of years, I have been building my skills around being an Integrator.  I came across the term through a company by the name of EOS®, and until then it was a foreign name and concept to me.  Lately, though, I’ve seen a lot of articles on it, and this one from the Harvard Business Review is a great example. Here is a basic job description that can answer the question "what is an integrator?"A Great Integrator Is Someone Who:

  • Is a natural leader.
  • Puts the greater good of the company above all else.
  • Is comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • Deals in facts and data, not emotions.
  • Sees the big picture and understands how every move impacts the other.
  • Elevates and delegates to the executive team like the maestro of a symphony.
  • Is confident but humble.
  • Is pragmatic.

You might be thinking, “My company is just fine, there is nothing that needs to be improved, “ or perhaps you like the idea of hiring an Integrator but you don’t want to be questioned or believe it will be too expensive.  Remember, hiring a true Integrator can and will have a significant beneficial impact on your business.

Ready to Hire an Integrator? 5 Questions to Help You Decide:

  • Am I comfortable being challenged for the greater good of the business?
  • Do we need better processes and systems?
  • Are my people disappointed with our communications?
  • Can we execute at a higher level?
  • Have I maximized my leadership team’s full potential?

What is an Integrator?

When you decide to hire an Integrator, be sure to look for someone that will challenge you and your team to reach their highest potential. A true Integrator can drive results in a multitude of ways including, executing business plans, providing consistent communication throughout the organization, and holding your Leadership teams accountable.If you would like to learn more please click here and reach out Integrator.