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The Power of Workforce Diversity

The term diversity has been around for a long time in terms of promoting change in the traditional workplace. According to Wordpandit, diversity refers to the state or condition of being non-uniform, different. Wordpandit also points out that diversity is a term that originated around 1300-1350 and was derived from the Latin word diversitas. Given the historical origins of diversity, there is a debate on whether celebrating differences in the workplace reflects the reality of today’s business culture.

Our world is made of people from a myriad of diverse backgrounds; it makes business sense to support a workforce where difference is celebrated through all levels of an organization. In an article titled 5 Reasons Why Diversity Hiring Matters (And How to Go about it), the following reasons are given to illustrate why it's essential for businesses to embrace implementation of diversity initiatives:

1. It grows your talent pool

2. It improves employee happiness, productivity & retention

3. It enhances innovation and creativity

4. It’s positive for your employer brand

5. It increases your workforce’s range of skills, talents & experiences

Diversity and Technology

The above reasons for advancing diversity in the workplace not only helps in creating a more inclusive company culture but also plays a significant part in accelerating a company’s growth. This is especially the case when it comes to today’s advances in technology, which provide new avenues for employees to communicate with existing and new customers in real time across different time zones, regions, and continents.

A diverse workforce that is qualified and trained to understand the nuances of language, cultures, and styles of communication has a considerable advantage over businesses that have not yet embraced a diverse workforce culture. Wanda Johnson addresses this fact in her article titled The Advantages of a Diverse Workforce, stating that Organizations can benefit from employees who bring language, skills, cultural experience, and creativity to the table.

Bridging technology with a diverse workforce presents an enormous opportunity for any business looking to build relationships with new customers, expand products and services, and increase bottom-line profitability. Employees who can provide a unique blend of different ideas and ways of thinking is what today’s business environment is all about and because technology is bringing us closer together more than ever before, diversity should be the main priority of a business seeking to grow or expand into new markets.

The Future Diversity in the Workplace

The future of diversity in the work placerequires changing the perceptions of traditional notions of difference. Yes,striving for workplace equality and inclusion of groups who have been historically excluded from career opportunities is a great start, but there are other variables besides equality and inclusion.

For example, in a Quora article titled What is Workforce Diversity and What Implications Does It Have for Managers? it states that diversity encompasses race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, cognitive style, tenure, organizational function, education, background and more. This broad interpretation of diversity shows that there are many aspects businesses must pay attention to if the intent is to truly create a diverse culture throughout all levels of an organization.

In today’s globalized, technologically advanced society, diversity will continue to be a significant measuring stick that determines how far companies are willing to commit to building a diverse culture that reflects the realities of our time. After all, the goal of business is to grow and adapt with the changing times, and embracing workforce diversity is indeed a way to make it happen.


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