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Suit Up

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this. I walk into a meeting and find the CEO in coveralls with paint under his nails and spattered on his face in the middle of a workday. Instead of working on growing the business, he’s still on the ground floor actually painting the walls. Sometimes it’s not as obvious as that. I once discovered that a CEO was also the company’s bookkeeper, for example. Now that boots-on-the-ground behavior is incredibly commendable in some ways. Truth is, I always know I have a great client when I see that kind of stuff. They’re not only visionary, they’re hard-working and obviously willing to roll up their sleeves and dig in wherever they’re needed. The problem is, what they’re working on lacks focus and pulls them away from where they need to be which is at the top, leading the company. Furthermore, they’re not using their resources effectively. Surely there is somebody on staff who can get the walls painted! Who else can lead the company?!Too often the original business owners, having started from scratch where they do everything themselves, are unable to make the necessary transition to delegate and lead. Furthermore, the people under them also don’t know how to scale up. Here’s where EOS® comes in. We yank that CEO up from the ground and get him and his whole team doing whatever it is they do best. How do we do that? We serve your company in the critical role of Integrator. What is an Integrator? Excellent question (for those of you who are new here). As Gino Wickman, founder, and CEO of EOS® defines it, an Integrator is the “the glue for the organization. He/she holds everything together, beats the drum, is accountable for the P&L results, executes the business plan and holds the team accountable. The Integrator creates organizational clarity, communication, and consistency. He/she drives results, enforces resolution, focus, team unity, prioritization, and follow-through.”So how does GCE do that? We look at 15 Key Components that drive business growth. Among other things, we assess your sales strategy, your communications, your tools and systems, your staff and much much more. As your strategic thinking partners, we work with you and your team to create a tailored, actionable plan for the future of your business. With our 100+ years of combined professional experience, we have seen our Clients’ businesses grow exponentially and not only are the people in the Leadership roles (CEO’s, Founders, Presidents, Owners) happier, their businesses are thriving AND they are working LESS. Yes, you read that right. I am not saying they aren’t working or that they aren’t working hard, but they are absolutely working more efficiently having leveraged the GCE Sales Operating System and the vast skills and talents of their people.So, if you are having trouble getting off the ground if you are overwhelmed by the hundreds and hundreds of ways to grow your business if you aren’t sure your team has the ability and the focus needed to drive real results, get in touch with us right away. We’ll help you put in place the playbook to get you and your business to the next level. Leave us a comment.