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If You Start, Your Team Will Follow

 When you are a business owner and CEO, you set the example of how your team will work.  Share your passion in the office; they will emulate it. When you are the leader of an organization, you must do more.  If you adopt a laissez-faire attitude as a leader, your employees will quickly get the idea that you expect less of them.  How as a strong leader do you lead a strong team? Set and Follow Clear ExpectationsYour employees look up to you and look to you to set the example in and out of the office.  Show them you work hard and expect them to. Show up to meetings early. Return calls and emails from them in a timely manner. Don’t send emails too early in the morning - or too late in the day - or you’re telling your team that’s their expectation too. Use a tool like YesWare to delay sending. If you work in an office, set the tone for dress code and professional etiquette. If you expect your team to operate with the greater good of the company - putting politics and themselves below the needs of the organization- then you must do the same.Why this worksYour team is there to do their job and be successful. When you set the example by respecting them, their time and their talents, and they feel appreciated, they will want to work harder.  And when they see you working hard, they’ll know you are enabling them to be successful as well. If you are a leader/CEO/owner are getting below-average results from your organization, often it isn’t the team that you need to look at first.  It starts with you - looking yourself in the mirror.  If you’re having a hard time with this, or don’t know where to turn, hiring a sales management coach can be just what you need to get the accountability and results you need to take your team to the next level.