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Sales Has Evolved Bring On Social Selling

Sales Has Evolved Bring On Social SellingHard to believe but I guess I am finally old! Recently I attended the CEB event in Las Vegas which was amazing if you don’t know the team (Challenger Selling) you should. During this event, I had the privileged opportunity to get invited to a special Luncheon hosted by LinkedIn. Here was the topic “LinkedIn Social Selling Can Help.”  I went into it as skeptical; I am not a Millennial and into that social stuff. Ten years ago I got a letter of appreciation for being one of LinkeIn’s first 1 Million customers I still didn’t get it the whole thing. After sitting through lunch and then listening to their head of sales and reviewing some of their case studies, I was amazed at the results. Now granted I am 47 I consider myself in-tune per se however my teenage daughters would disagree. I mean I have run large sales teams with P&L’s of $250M even closed a $40M deal back in the day and have worked very large deals Nationally and Internationally. By the way that large deal started with "Social Selling" networking with people and sending a very well crafted email. So I should know, right? Over the past couple of months, I have had the pleasure of interacting with some great minds in the investment community. Last week I spent some time with my good friend Mario Martinez who has over 12 thousand followers on LinkedIn and all of them have enlightened me.  If you don’t know Mario for any personal or company branding, look him up he gets it and opened my eyes. It has changed, and pure cold calling by itself is dead, I finally see what they have been preaching. Don't get me wrong the phone has its place but in my opinion, Social Selling comes then the phone. Now I will tell you after 15 years pushing and supporting cold calling I have finally realized the world has evolved. As the Keynote from LinkedIn stated people do not pick up the phone anymore. I will not answer unless I know the number as I am sure most of you are as well. So now what to do? The first step is admitting times have changed. The second step is evolving the sales strategy and just as the buggy whip has disappeared so has the phone as a sales tool, and I plan on jumping on the bandwagon to grow and expand like the rest. Go Social Selling I finally get it!

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