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Revenue : What Else Matters, Right ?

  I want to sincerely thank everyone who has reached out to me, complemented me, and even hired me due to my experience in sales and leadership in the past six months. My work is very rewarding and something I am passionate about.This is the final article in the “Complete Sales Operating System” series, and the one that matters the most, revenue. After all, if you don’t have revenue and growth, then nothing else matters.How do we get there? How do we maximize your company’s fullest potential to drive revenue?Consultants InsightWhile there are many reputable companies in the industry today (SF.com, CEB / Gartner, Sales Optimizer, KOLBE, DISC, EOS®, Crucial Conversations, John Maxwell’s Books, etc...), my approach is unique, systematic, and holistic. In fact, I have a proven track record of helping businesses drive revenue up and expenses down.I work with companies to provide a way to better drive, predict, and forecast revenue. However, to accomplish this, companies need the right systems, tools, data, process, and discipline. When managing a team or organization there is no silver bullet to revenue success. Every tool can, and does, move the dial. The trick is to analyze your company’s revenue through the eyes of an operator. This allows companies the opportunity to leverage best-in-class systems, tools, and approaches within the 15 Key Components to Driving Sales, ultimately maximizing results. You can identify problems and apply fixes where your system is lacking.GCE Key Deliverables for RevenueMapping out and fully implementing this plan can take anywhere from six months to two years, depending on the depth needed at your company. Deliverables that can result from the revenue module of implementing the Complete Sales Operating System can include:

  • 180-Day View of Revenue
  • Plan to Capture Key Data to See and Predict Trends
  • Weighted Pipeline
  • My Proprietary Method to Help Call and Predict Numbers

Unlike other approaches, my system is targeted to owners, investors, and CEO’s, allowing for training to occur from the C-suites down to the salesroom floor, maintaining long-term consistency in practices and procedures.Build A Framework for SuccessDid you know the average vice president of sales stays in their job just 15-18 months? This means CEOs are hiring replacements every two years. Each new replacement often brings with them their preferred sales tools, systems, and KPI’s, which typically means more onboarding expense to the company.By establishing and enforcing the Complete Sales Operating System, your company is protected and maintains consistency in sales and revenue teams, removing confusion that happens when teams are forced to move from one tool to another, one methodology to another. Ultimately, regardless of who is heading up your sales team, the Complete Sales Operating System establishes a framework that adheres to the values of the 15 Key Components to Driving Sales.The 15 Key Components to Driving Sales and Their Significance to the Overall System:

  • GTM (Sales Coverage Model): Having the wrong model can literally destroy your business in cost.
  • Expectation Setting: Gets everyone on the same page.
  • Creativity: A framework which teaches your team to do the unthinkable.
  • Process: Insurance to help mitigate risk.
  • Metrics: Inspect what you expect.
  • Topgrading: To drive excellence in staff.
  • People: On top of the right coverage model this can make or break a company.
  • Feedback: A methodical approach to help with the execution of both tactics and strategy.
  • Onboarding: Speed up time to revenue.
  • Reward and Recognition: Aligned with company objectives and drive employee engagement.
  • Tools and Systems: Not too many just the right amount to help house process, drive & measure metrics and reinforce the right behavior.
  • Professional Development: Attract better talent and improve company culture.
  • Communication: Have the right cadence, right message, and right
  • LMA (leadership, management, and accountability): Ensure that all the investments you have made in these decisions, it is carried through.
  • Revenue: Nothing else matters.

Applying ValueFollow these steps, with help from your Chief Financial Officer and HR Director to apply value to the 15 Key Components to Driving Sales.

  1. Create three columns, label them “Revenue Increase,” “Expense Decrease,” and the “Dollar Impact.”
  2. Go through the list of all 15 Key Components to Driving Sales and ask yourself these questions per component:
    • How much revenue could I drive if onboarding (or reduced turnover, or creativity, etc.) was decreased by a certain percentage? Insert that percentage into the column.
    • What percent would onboarding (or reduced turnover, or creativity, etc.) decrease my expenses? Insert that percentage into the column.
  3. For the third column, configure the amount of money the company would save and put a dollar figure into that space. Do this for each component and sub component.

Real-World Example from A Client Reviewing People and Process:

Revenue Increase Expense Decrease Dollar Impact
Reduce Turnover 10% 40% $100,000
Attract Better Talent 8% 20% $50,000
Improve Engagement 10% 15% $150,000
Reduce Mistakes 5% 25% $50,000
Improve Execution 10% 5% $250,000
Improve Resource Allocation 10% 8% $75,000
  1. After you do this analysis for each component, total up the dollar amount and examine the bottom-line. The resulting numbers, even if very conservative, can be staggering.

While training or methodology can be a fad and disappear, especially when a new leader steps in, this data-gathering process and the resulting numbers can be an enduring tool This approach yields long-lasting results that help mitigate risk, drive revenue, and decrease expenses.I appreciate everyone who has been following me and sending in their questions, especially as I release this information out to the market. Please, continue following me and asking questions. As promised earlier in the year, I have been writing a more in-depth book and will be releasing that soon.In the meantime, upcoming blog topics to look forward to will include:

If you have any questions about implementing my 15-Key Component Sale Strategy, feel free to reach out to me directly at ken@gcestrategicconsulting.com. Let’s go drive revenue !