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Proud Sponsor EOS ® Client Conference in Atlanta

GCE Strategic Consulting ("GCE") is a multi-discipline consulting, training and recruiting firm focused on helping businesses of all sizes that have adopted EOS®. Today GCE announces its participation as a silver sponsor for EOS® Client Conference 2019, the premier event offering unprecedented insights, unparalleled education and exceptional networking opportunities for organizations running EOS®, May 2 - 3, at the Omni Atlanta, at the CNN Center, Atlanta, Georgia.

Attendees are welcome to meet a few of our GCE team members while at the event, and schedule time to discuss how we can help your organization with recruiting, consulting and coaching around EOS®.

“We are excited to be part of this amazing conference as aSilver sponsor,” said Ken Paskins, Founder, CEO, and Lead Integrator. “The EOS®Client Conference is a robust, dynamic event that is challenging conceptionsand pushing boundaries around how small, and medium businesses achievessuccess. EOS® Worldwide has designed the perfect platform for stakeholders todeep dive into the various challenges facing Visionaries and Integrators andtheir organizations.  We are honored tobe part of this sold-out conference and look forward to participating alongsideother sponsors supporting this event.”

EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, combinestimeless business principles with a set of simple, practical, real-world toolsto help entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. EOS Worldwideoffers comprehensive training and support to entrepreneurs and business coacheswho wish to implement EOS effectively with one or many businesses.   EOS® Client Conference 2019 Atlanta bringstogether some of the brightest minds in the business community that have adopted or are considering adopting theprinciples of EOS®. A changing business landscape offers opportunities andchallenges for today’s Visionaries and Integrators, as new markets open andcompetition rise.

GCE Strategic Consulting can bring added experience andknowledge around Integrator Recruiting, Fractional Integrators, Sales Processes& Procedures as well as recruiting and coaching the extended leadershipteams.

For more information, visit: https://tractionclientconference.com/

About GCE Strategic Consulting

GCE Strategic Consulting (“GCE”) is a multi-disciplineconsulting, training and recruiting firm focused on helping businesses of allsizes that have adopted EOS®. Specializing in assisting companies in using theEntrepreneurial Operating System® recruit, train and build around theIntegrator role.  We’ve built areputation of not just helping find and develop talented Integrators butimplementing smarter solutions to complex problems —on your terms.