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Key Personal Skills of a True Integrator

We have been spending time delving into the Integrator. Finding, hiring and how they fit in the office dynamic. A true Integrator should always be in a quest of upgrading their skills and making themselves more efficient. An Integrator should never act as the average “team captain” who’s confidence sometimes reaches the level of arrogance.A true Integrator should be confident and positive without appearing aloof and arrogant. In  order to take over their job successfully, they have to be:

  • Personally accountable
  • Decision-makers
  • Flexible
  • Efficient problem and conflict solvers
  • Emotionally balanced and not prone to extremes e.g being overly negative or positive and unrealistic.
  • Individuals who have a winning mindset.

Here’s the catch-all these personal traits should match their experience and most importantly, your core values and what you are trying to achieve by hiring them. You as the Visionary have visions and goals for the future of your business?  The level of expertise it takes to handle a $10m. company isn’t the same as handling a $40m. company and so you have to recruit an Integrator who has already been there. If they have handled the ship already, let them take the lead. There are far too many Visionaries who were not smart and proactive enough to hire the right Integrators.It would be unwise not to hire someone who has a larger experience in business than you. If they already handled bigger projects, let them be your guide. Furthermore, you should also consider hiring an integrator that has worked in a different yet similar field than yours. A fresh pair of eyes can take your business to new dimensions. And if you are worried about the time your Integrator needs to adapt, this shouldn’t be a true concern if you are hiring a real Integrator--they will have the skills to adapt fast and within a few months of recruitment.And the other part is, these personal skills should also match with your business key values and visions. Even the most gifted leaders in the world won’t manage to help a company grow if they are a mismatch with your goals. And contrary to popular belief, the sets of values shouldn't be learned only once the Integrator join your business.  You should evaluate beforehand through a screening process which candidate is the closest match already with your goals. If a candidate seems to be in another direction already, then you should disregard them already.In the book Rocket Fuel, the writers highlight these 9  personal traits a true Integrator needs to have:-Entrepreneurial spirit-Passionate approach-Inspiration-Able to create and implement great ideas-Great problem-solving skills-Socially engaging and captivating-Able to close deals effectively-Able to learn easily new things and improve themselves-Company vision generator and contributor If all these personal and business skills of an Integrator are a great fit with your business visions then you have the right one for your business. Search ideally for someone that will embody your visions and enhance them or even fill your own lacks to advance your business. Are you searching for the Integrator that will fit with your visionary? Contact us!