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Ideas to Drive Vision

 Most of us in the business world are not like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and the many others out there that have phenomenal vision.  If you look at EOS®, there are two critical roles: one is the Integrator and the other is the Visionary.  Regardless of whether you are in EOS® or don’t even understand what the term stands for, driving a vision consistently, that is well understood by all isn’t easy. I have worked with many people who have struggled with this.   Just to qualify, I don’t call myself a Visionary. I am more of an executor or Integrator.  However, I have seen many Visionaries struggle with refining, creating and driving their vision.  Here are some tools and ways I have assisted them. 

  • Use EOS® during initial deployment. It will walk you through some solid concepts that can help you capture your business ideas.  For many in the SME business world, this can be a challenge.


  • A tool I love using to build out Vision is mind mapping.  I use Mindjet|MindManager now I will tell you it is really expensive.  However, this tool and many others provide a free trial period. After trying all of them, I can tell you this one wins hands down.


  • I also recommend setting up a strategy call.  Now, if you make widgets, this call and your vision can be challenging. I get that.  But say you are a software company setting time aside with your key staff and you’re discussing strategy and vision; direction will be incredibly important.  I find that in business we are often playing Whack-a-Mole.  Putting something on the calendar the same day, the same time to work on actual strategy and providing direction is not only valuable but also rewarding.


  • The final item I really love recommending for Visionaries is what I call “Fireside Chats.”  This is basically along the lines of a Town Hall meeting but the format is designed to drive two-way conversations. This is very different than a quarterly meeting about results and direction.  What I have found over the years as you go up the organization is that sometimes you can lose touch.  Create a bi-weekly meeting and make it mandatory for sales and optional for all other employees.  Come to the table with what you see in the market, encourage questions, ideas and ask for topics to be served up in advance.  Keep this call casual and two-way.  Not only does this expose you to things that might not be on your radar, it also brings you closer to your team and ties them and their beliefs closer to your vision.

So if you are having some challenges driving, creating and evolving your Vision, which drives the business, take these steps: first implement EOS®, second use Mind Maps, third have a Strategy Call, and fourth create a “Fireside Chat.”I think you will find implementing these four tools and approaches will help you and your company grow to the next level.  I have recommended, used and seen the positive impacts of all of these approaches, so if you want any suggestions, feedback etc. please feel free to ping me at info@gcestrategicconsulting.com