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How To Get The Right Integrator

How To Hire The Right IntegratorAfter years of experience working with the EOS® community, it was evident for me that Integrators were a scarcity. As mentioned in previous articles pieces, there are several Integrators available, but there are some key things that distinguish a good business individual from a professional and expert Integrator. The ability to solve a client’s issue or concern efficiently and help them advance their business with EOS® is paramount here.The majority of Integrator accountabilities can be easily achieved by most Integrators but those who stand out should better step out of their comfort zone in favor of a tension and effort that will truly be productive. This a practice favored by Mark C. Winters and Gino Wickman, co-authors of Rocket Fuel. Recently, I had a discussion with a client about this matter and he revealed that he had discussions with Visionaries from all over the nation. He said that a great deal of Visionaries today are still acting as Integrators--but is this the right thing to do?? If you ask us, it’s not a good practice as they are not wired to be experts at this.So how can you reach the top with the right Integrator? While there is virtually no guarantee, you can maximize your chances by using procedures, scoreboards, and even collaborating with some of the biggest implementers in the platform. Still, if you wish to seize the full potential of EOS®, you have to hire a professional Integrator. If you examine the recruiting area, things are pretty bustling and recruiters switch from one company to another and usually keep the same contacts and connections they’ve been building for years so they can develop their business. This a very busy place but it’s really the bomb...thus, when you are searching for a recruiter, look up their expertise/area of specialty e.g production, sales position, what they’ve recruited for in the past, etc. You are looking for deep knowledge hiring to solve your business’s or your industry’s problems. What makes us stand out from other recruiting companies in the industry, is that we possess vast experience in offering executive and Integrator support and we hire Integrators, and exclusively only Integrators who know their role well.This is the reason why GCE stands out:

  • Our stages of interviewing both the Integrator and Visionary have been initiated by true proven Integrators. This will facilitate a better match between skills and behavioral abilities of the two parties.
  • We perform a GAP analysis of your business so we can better grasp the areas the Integrator will explore.
  • We perform a series of tests to ensure the Integrator is fully capable and reliable.
  • We suggest additional training of candidates to advance your business
  • We also will train the candidates with all the key fundamentals of EOS so you don’t have to spare extra time and effort.

And lastly but perhaps most importantly:

  • We only collaborate with EOS® corporations.

We find that recruiting an Integrator isn’t the same as recruiting an expert in information technology or a sales expert. An expert Integrator should be your first and best choice for handling your business and you shouldn't risk it by hiring the wrong job role.We can help your company maximize profits and unlock your full potential by hiring the right Integrator. Email us for more information.