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How I Fell Into EOS®

 Why the Love and Passion for EOS®?I have had a lot of people ask me how I fell in love with EOS®.  After 25 years of chasing titles, promotions and money (like so many people) and running very large teams both domestically and internationally, including business units up to $500M, I found myself wondering: Why?!  So I dropped out of the big company scene and started sitting on different boards and consulting for smaller companies and I was having a blast doing so.  Around this time, I connected with a company that was remarkably dysfunctional. Turned out to be both a blessing and a curse. They lacked process, the right people, vision, and had zero understanding of the most basic concepts of EOS® or anything it would take to grow.Early in my tenure, the CEO asked us to fill out a budget. I looked at him and asked, “How?”  You see, in every past role I had had, there was a Vision, Purpose, and Direction. Here, there was none of that.  The CEO and other Officers looked at me sideways and because of that comment along with other observations I had been making they said, “You sound a lot like this guy we have been speaking with from EOS®. You should look into it.”  And so I did.That’s when I was introduced to the EOS® and the lightbulb went off! I said, “This is exactly what this team needs! More than that, this is how I am wired and how I think. I just hadn’t written a manual for it.”  And so my EOS® journey began and I became an Integrator. I absolutely loved it and everything about it. When Mark C. Winters interviewed me, he asked what I didn’t like about being an Integrator and without hesitation, I answered, “Nothing!”  I answer that way because of the nature of the role of Integrator within EOS®. If you delegate, elevate and understand LMA as an Integrator or Visionary, you will ONLY be working with what you love and are good at. How could I dislike anything about that? So my EOS® journey began and soon a lot of people would be asking me why I didn’t just become an Implementer.  The fact is that being an EOS Implementer™ isn’t my calling. My calling is helping business owners get the results that they both need and deserve as an operator and I can do it at a cost that they can afford and bring what I have learned working for big companies and with EOS® to help them get there! EOS® is not rocket science, but it is absolutely Rocket Fuel!    Unfortunately, I can’t be everywhere all at once.  While I am a workaholic with great capacity, I had to reconcile with this fact and scale.  GCE Strategic Consulting helps business owners maximize their EOS® investment by increasing their odds of success. We sit in the Integrator Seat either fractionally, full-time, recruiting or training. We are extremely proud to be the first and only company out there recognized for Integrator Recruiting and Integrator Fractional Services on Rocket Fuel. And we don’t stop there: we also provide Integrator Training and Mentoring, which complements EOS® and the Integrator Mastery Forum by Mark C. Winters as well.If you are looking to increase your horsepower in the Integrator seat, please reach out to us.