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How Do You Find the Right Integrator?

Creating the balance in your office requires the right Integrator. A true Integrator is a scarcity and to find the one that is a match to your company’s main values and visions. Creating a list to know what fundamental skills and competencies, as well as experience the right candidate will be able to fulfill, is critical. The right Integrator will be able to move your business forward and be able to identify goals within your company; otherwise, hiring would be pointless. Doing some experimentation of hiring an Integrator without being thoughtful can put your business at risk--it’s both time and money-consuming, and it will probably go to waste. Essentially, a good integrator can either make or break your business. The Integrator is essential. If you decide to recruit one, you better do your homework and screen any potential candidates as you don’t want to settle for something mediocre.As an EOS-powered business with many effective Integrator positioning under our sleeve, we have developed a model for effective assessment and recruiting of the right Integrator.Here are the main questions you should ask yourself first:Is this candidate a true Integrator?Is the right integrator ME?Additionally, you want to choose a person that thinks and acts strategically. For many experts, successful enterprises take two to tango--in this case, it’s the Visionary (usually the owner of the business) and the Integrator who are the two parties that will do their part to grow the business. An Integrator should have the skills and powers to comprehend your business systems from the inside out and the ways these merge to craft an effective business model. Many folks are capable of managing an operational area, but an Integrator has to check and coordinate all the functional components of the business.When you are screening candidates, raise these questions to yourself:

  • Do they have the skills and knowledge to comprehend how various systems collaborate within the company or are they are only skilled in one aspect of the business model?
  • Do they acknowledge and share the same visions/goals expressed by the Visionary?
  • Are they capable of efficiently assessing and developing models for grown business lines or new/emerging business lines?
  • Can they lead manage and grow people? Can they get the most of their teammates and lead the team to achieve results?
  • Are they masters at resolving issues and conflict? 
  • Are they skilled diplomats? Can they maintain staff morale high when issues arise?

In general, you should search in each candidate for:

  • A proven history of growing people
  • Ability to minimize conflict and offer resolutions
  • Ability to form connections and get along with people well
  • Ability to assign tasks while monitoring results

These are in brief the critical business traits you should look out for when screening and choosing an Integrator from others. The best Integrator is out there for you! We have set up a successful Integrator recruiting process and we look forward to working together.