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How Can My Team Close Larger, More Strategic Deals?

 Let’s discuss “Creativity” as it relates to, the Complete Sales System.     How many times have you heard any of the following: “I need my team to …”- Close Large Deals- Be More Strategic- Drive Enterprise Solutions- Sell SolutionsHonestly, few people can think this way on their own. Leadership and direction must drive this mindset to break people outside of their ways. One way I’ve done this in the past while working for some large organizations is by creating something called the “Mega Deal” program.Here is the concept: I pick 10-15 accounts across North America—these accounts include a couple of existing clients and the rest are prospects and let the sales people who own those accounts know “They have been chosen.” I then tell the team “I want you to create a $10 M-plus deal, put together a business case looking at the Company 10k and the top 2-3 things the company is focused on this year, as this drives all direction and bonuses top to bottom with their customer or prospect.” I then ask them to list out the specific milestones to get the job completed. The first question from the sales team I get is “What format do we use?” My response is that I don’t care, I want to see creativity, I want to see their thoughts, and I want to see their plan. This gets the sales person thinking. After this, I will then get the team selected to review in open forum and go over their plan. I have always been impressed with what they come back with, and we then open it up for questions, feedback, etc.After this initial meeting, my next step is to give the team another month or two and task them to get on the phone and hold a weekly meeting with the necessary resources to refine things further. After that, I ask them to present back to me, and we execute. I’ve been amazed not only at what the team produces, but how much this process can open up their eyes and minds, so they’re now able to look at an account where they previously thought $500k was a stretch, to viewing it as an easy $10M for this year. Now, not all of these deals close, but typically one or two can radically move the needle for the company, and the belief and creativity it can drive with your team going forward is PRICELESS. Let us know how we can help by contacting us today.The Complete Sales System is designed to provide unique programmatic structure, customized based upon industry, to help your team build & drive larger transactions.Be sure to check out our next article which will look at “Process.”