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High Tech Leadership Expert Bob Buwalda Joins the GCE Team

Bob Buwalda has 40 years of experience leading high performance sales teams. He is an expert in building and executing vertical market segmentation strategies which include financial services, healthcare, public sector, and higher education. He has developed and executed GTM strategies that have led to 40% year over year growth in high technology environments, and excels at managing complex, multi-pillar engagements, including multiple eight figure transactions .Bob strengthens the bench at GCE Strategic Consulting with his expertise. His expertise in high tech leadership working for companies such as Oracle, KPMG brings big company process and expertise to the SME market place helping to take out customers to the next level of execution using The Complete Sales Operating System. With this addition our firm can consult at most strategic levels from Vision to Execution.When he's not serving clients, Bob enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid boater, and he's based out of Michigan.

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