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Why Sales People Should Hate Q1

It happens ever year sales teams start from scratch all over again.  They just finished and had a great Q4 closing out the year, and now they have to start from scratch again.  Q1 if you are doing things correctly, Q1, should be your teams least favorite quarter.  Not because they are starting over (well part of it) but this is where all the hard work takes place to set up the rest of the year correctly.

Here are some best practices to help ensure you get off to the right start.  First inspect everything to look at your territory alignment, coverage model, etc.  I typically like to do a very in-depth planning session per role.  For my strategic reps, this should be a comprehensive business review including account reviews which can take up to three hours in some cases.  For those that cover territories, the approach is roughly the same, only different content.

What I have found is if you do this correctly everyone on your team walks away with more confidence and a greater understanding of their business.  I have had many people tell me this process improved their results.

Q1 is not the time to relax it is the time to work the hardest, and those that do will get better results and make more money by the end of the year.

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