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Give Your Employees Training and Everybody Wins

As a leader and an executive in your company, it’s important to find employees that embody the culture and are happy with the company. It’s detrimental to the business to have a high employee turnover. To this end, including professional development as part of your company will not only entice and encourage key potential employees it will also curtail current employees from leaving, create a collective learning environment, reducing mistakes across company, save money and build a united culture. Consider the cost of hiring and training a new employee versus keeping a current employee. Depending on the size of your organization, these figures can be staggering; some estimate that employee disengagement can cost you $3,400 per every $10,000 you pay an employee, according to this article. If you haven’t run these numbers, you should, and there are plenty of calculators you can try for free and use specifically around turnover and engagement. Like this one Education and offering these types of professional enrichment makes you unique. It’s not as expensive as you might think. 3 options are:

  • Online training programs
  • Professionally led workshops
  • Implement an individualized coaching program to continue the learning, aligned with group learning sessions

Creating a supportive environment that provides and encourages learning and growth will make your company stronger internally.  With a healthier culture and happy employees, customers will be happier.  Your best advocates for your business are your employees. Take the next step. Are you ready to set up a coaching program or looking for a specialized learning individualized for your company?