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EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Community

Over the past 25 years I have learned a lot, grown a lot and, yes, even failed a few times, just like every other human out there. Fortunately I have been blessed over the years with more successes than failures and I did so in just about every role, setting (and breaking) records for others to follow.  For those that already know my full story, I promise I am not going to bore you with it again. For everybody else, please take a minute to look me up on LinkedIn and or my website.Now the past five years I have shifted from working in large, high-ranking, high-power roles within Fortune 100 companies to working with smaller companies, typically in the range of $1.5M - $20M, and have created a special niche in the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) community, solving their critical, real world challenges.  Recently, I became one of a handful of Fractional Integrators fully recognized and recommended by the community. For more information about that, please click here.  In my work within the community, I have spoken with at least fifty different implementers, including Mark Winters, and a large pool of EOS® clients. I have noted major gaps in several key areas, which you will find in most companies out there:

  • Integrator
  • Visionary
  • Sales Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operations

In almost every single company, they are missing one or more of these critical pieces. As an EOS Implementer™, you know how important scale is. I build business around executive talent that is focused on results, experienced with EOS®, and that can be plugged in either short-term or long-term in order to get your business scaling and on the right track.  There are 100’s of thousands of people and companies out there that can help in these areas. The challenge for all of them, however, is that none of them truly understand, preach and follow EOS® to help companies realize the full ROI of Traction.  GCE Strategic Consulting gets it - and we can help you scale your practice faster.Each person on my team is:

  • A highly experienced executive
  • Firm believer and practitioner of EOS®
  • Kolbe tested
  • CI tested
  • High D on DISC
  • Has been heavily vetted, not just by me but by multiple EOS® implementers

EOS® customers & implementers are you reaching Traction to the highest level?  Do feel like you need some rocket fuel rather than diesel due to your L10 team?  Don’t risk your business or your client’s business to just any second tier team when you can bring in a highly competent team, with proven results, full transparency, and the ability to execute.  Reach out to us today at info@gcestrategicconsulting.com and, once again, special thanks to the EOS® community for welcoming me and allowing me to help add value each and every day.