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When to Engage GCE Strategic Consulting

 How Do You Get a Better ROI on EOS®? Regardless of how great of a system EOS® is you can’t realize your Vision without a professional Integrator.  As Gino Wickman highlights in his video saying, “We may have found the root of why your organization is a bit chaotic, why it is not a well-oiled machine, why you’re not exactly getting what you want out of your business.”It is estimated that just 2% of people have the innate skills needed to be an Integrator.  Yet many companies in EOS® have what they think is an Integrator. Do they really?  Many companies out there settle for something less and select someone they know and/or somebody who is unqualified and less expensive.  So the question you need to ask is, are you settling? You have invested a lot of money, possibly millions, in your business and $10’s of thousands in EOS®. However, if you don’t have a true Integrator, the catalyst for growth as Gino says, you may not be getting what you want out of your business!Finding the Right Integrator, now you have built or have started to build your company and you have run into some challenges. You have determined that EOS® can help you. Excellent. Great start!  Now it is time to find a qualified, professional, experience Integrator, represented by just 2% of the population. Here are some of your options:

  • Hire a part-time Integrator, someone available certain hours of the day or a handful of days per week. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want someone telling me they can’t answer critical questions or remove roadblocks in my organization after 2 o’clock or before 10 a.m.
  • Hire a high-end, very expensive Integrator and bear the cost.  Hope you’ve hired someone good, who is proven in the EOS® community, somebody with great references. According to Gartner, formerly CEB, if you are paying this person a mere $200k per year, and after six months they don’t work out, it could actually end up costing your company up to $4M, primarily due to lost opportunities, churn and reduction of morale and stability across the organization.
  • Retain the services of an expensive recruiter and anticipate paying them up to a 30% commission. Consider a $200k salary, then add the 30% fee, plus benefits at about 18%. All that adds up to nearly $300k and, once again, as mentioned above, they may still not be the right person for the job.
  • Bring in a proven Integrator and company where the price point meets your budget, mitigates risk and helps you fully realize Traction.

Value to EOS® Clients, I have noticed a huge void in the EOS® community for companies $20M and below and have not only validated that fact with many EOS® Implementers  including Eric Crews, Eric Albertson and Tom Bower (co-author with Gino Wickman on What The Heck is EOS®?) but also with Mark C. Winters in an interview with him.   The biggest hurdle, as everyone knows, is affordability.  At GCE we simply execute at a high level. I fully utilize and operate with EOS® down to my core, putting the right people in the right seats, improving processes, setting clear expectations & communication using LMA. I am direct, transparent and focus on one thing: growing the business for the Visionary and operating for the greater good at all times. Ultimately getting your company to a healthy, robust condition.  I am the Founder and CEO of GCE Strategic Consulting. I am passionate about growing, building and developing people and companies to help them reach their full potential. I have run businesses below $3M and in excess of $250M across multiple, national and international time zones.  For more about me and my track record please visit my LinkedIn profile.As an example, in January 2017, we took on a new client. To begin, we conducted a health check with their Implementer and the company scored themselves at a 47. Ouch! Right? By June, however, just six months later, they scored a 79 - overachieving on every aspect of the P&L and then they scored and graduated to an 82 during their annual health check.Value to EOS® ImplementerThere are three key roles in the EOS® community. We hear plenty about the Visionary and the Integrator, however, we must never forget the Implementer. That’s YOU. In my opinion, it takes a three-legged stool to drive the fullest value of EOS® and when you have all three legs, which I have been fortunate to have in all of my engagements, then you will absolutely achieve traction. Here are some key differences between the Integrator and Implementer, discussed by Mark C. Winters. EOS® is great, but what if your client doesn’t execute against it fully and there isn’t an Integrator owning the Operating System? You’re in trouble and have added unnecessary risk to your EOS® business. Consultant Insights:

  • Hiring the wrong person as Integrator can add unnecessary risk to your revenue stream and can lead the client to not staying with you for the full two-year deployment of EOS®. This happens far too often. If your client’s business grows and gets traction, you and EOS® will get the credit.  If they don’t, however, then you could be blamed for the subsequent failure.
  • Hiring the right Integrator stops your phone from ringing off the hook solving problems and answering questions from the Visionary - the Integrator should own that so you can focus on your role as Implementer.
  • In a recent discussion with Mike Kotsis, one of the top EOS® 1-on-1 coaches, he told me that growing a network the first year can be tough for Implementers. That’s where I can help: I refer businesses to EOS® Implementers. Most have full plates and don’t need more business - so if you’re looking to build your client list, I can help.

My team is comprised of high-level executives who are well connected in the EOS® community and have real-world experience in executing within EOS®. We didn’t just read the book; we did the work. Also, we don’t just manage the basic role of Integrator, we also address Sales, Vision, and Finance.When to Engage My Company and Where We Have Helped EOS® Clients:

  • EOS® is not being deployed fully and correctly
  • Visionary clearly needs help either short-term or long-term
  • Turnaround help needed
  • Lack of sales and marketing strategy
  • Executive staff and/or existing Integrator needs coaching and elevating
  • Something is missing but you don’t have the bandwidth to dig into it
  • Going for funding
  • Temporary stop-gap across sales, marketing, operation, Integrator etc.

Engagement Process: 

  • I often take calls and offer, free of charge, advice, and suggestions that have made big impacts.  We do a 30-minute call to get a high-level feel of the need and business goals.
  • I ask everyone to sign an NDA as a best practice.
  • Then I like to get a copy of VTO, Accountability Chart, Issues List. These tell me a lot.
  • I also have a questionnaire that goes out that covers many areas across the company made up of roughly 175 questions covering everything from onboarding to systems.

For more information on how to get a better ROI out of EOS® please take our Quiz to get a free copy of our new e-book or reach out to us directly at info@gcestrategicconsulting.com.We look forward to hearing from you!