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Developing a Successful Duo (Integrator/Visionary) and Recruiting Procedure

 In movies and in real life, there are some pretty characteristic examples of dynamic duos that have joined forces and became famous for their acts--Batman and Robin, Chip and Dale, Penn and Teller, Jekyll and Hyde, and the list goes on. Who can forget Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen? The duo who managed to score 6 championships when leading the Bulls together. They could literally read each others’’ minds on the court. Scottie was more on defense while Jordan was the quick shooter. They perfectly complemented each other and the rest of the team as they played among each other strengths and skills. This partnership dynamic is similar to the Integrator and Visionary duo. When a successful Integrator/Visionary duo forms the partnership is complementary and dynamic. As the Visionary, you have to be aware that you’ll spend tons of hours and energy with your integrator to lead the team. You may frequently also encounter and discuss challenging topics. They should both complement and ground your own working style. It would be unwise to look for a “YES” person who has nothing to say or contribute further to your plans and discussions. What you need is an Integrator who is able to spot all the loopholes and lacks in your plan and show you the ways to fix them.At this point, you may be wondering: How do you actually recruit the right integrator?You can do so via these three main ways:

  • Yourself (through HR department). This is the most challenging as going DIY can save you money, but you risk at the same time hiring the wrong person. Many people claim to be Integrators in their CVs and cover letters but do they really honor their skills and are they a great match with your goals and visions? If you simply make a general job posting and expect to find the “one,” results may be disappointing.
  • With the assistance of a contingency firm. Using the services of a contingency firm is more helpful than going DIY but there are also some lacks here as well. Many contingency firms don’t have experience and knowledge to search for top-notch executives like Integrators. They also tend to favor speed over quality and precision of their search and so you might some results fast but will they be what you are looking for exactly? We can’t be so sure.
  • With the assistance of a retained search firm. A retained search firm may be your best choice when it comes to screening and finding the best candidates for your business. The whole process focuses more on quality and precision as opposed to speed so you can rest assured that the final results will be more accurate. A great contingency firm should also offer you extra support during the recruitment stage and a robust guarantee and analysis of their results. This may cost you a bit more than using a contingency firm and may take some time, but in the end, you will more pleased with the outcomes of the research. This is the most appropriate way to utilize when you are looking for a quality and truly skilled Integrator to help with your business.

Forming your own dynamic duo for your business takes some work and time. We have offered a few solutions to find the Integrator to your Visionary. Utilizing these tips will create a symbiotic partnership that will lead to success. Do you still need a little help finding your perfect Integrator? Reach out and we can help.