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People, Greatest Asset or Biggest Problem?

Complete Sales System People PeopleIn this article we’ll be talking about “People” and their importance as part of the Complete Sales System. I could write a book on this section, it’s where some of your biggest mistakes can be made OR avoided.How many times have you heard someone at a company say, “People are our greatest asset!”  I know it’s cliché and mostly true, but sometimes people can be your biggest problem.  Considering that most companies spend 10% - 50% of their revenues on sales, getting it wrong can cost you big.  So what do you do?  Simple—you hire the right people, right?Get Profile Testing Done at All Costs.  DISC, KOLBE, LUMA, Strengthsfinder – Any One of TheseI love profile testing. I think I’ve taken all of them, or at least my wife says I have.  For the most part they all paint the same picture of me: decisive, direct, competitive, desiring autonomy, delegate well, data driven, excel under pressure, and I do what I say I will.  Now as I tell everyone, there is no pass/fail on these but if you take my profile and put me in a customer service role I would die!  On the other hand, if you take someone who likes to collaborate, needs structure, and is averse to risk, and have them do what I do, it would kill them.  As part of the Complete Sales System, I help analyze these profiles to make sure you have the right people in the right seat.Do A Background Check and A Reference CheckBackground and reference checks are crucial.  You never know about someone’s past, and looking into their background serves as an insurance policy.  In checking references, how many times have you encountered a bad one?  I don’t think I’d be far off to say that I’ve hired and fired 1,000 people over the years and maybe once gotten a bad reference.  So, once I connect with that perfect reference and have built a little rapport with the person, I change it up, always asking this question: “Okay, Tom seems perfect. I can’t wait to work with him.  Let me ask you something, though—I guarantee that even though I might have great references, if anyone were to call my wife, she could tell you a couple of areas for improvement.  So, since my job is on the line for this hire, what are some possible areas of improvement for Tom?”  You will open them up and get lots of answers!Hire with Your Head, Not Your HeartToo many B & C managers get dazzled by the shiny suit or perfect resume, then the person falls flat on their face when they’re hired.  Most people don’t know how to ask power questions to get beneath the surface.  You’re not looking for someone to grab a beer and be friends with.  You’re hiring someone who will execute in their position.Another way to look at it: We pay high-tech enterprise sales people a lot of money.  When was the last time the Patriots or Navy Seals brought someone on because they were well-dressed, said the right things and were fun?  B & C managers can’t hire A’s, as A’s will not fit the moldTry to Push People Away—Don’t Sell Them.Never sell them…. Once you start selling people, not only will the A players run but you’ll lose any positioning with B players.  It is important to be respectful but at the same time think of every reason why they shouldn’t join, in order to force them to think through the issues.I’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg here.  Having the right profile and attracting the right people who will give you the right results can make the difference between growing your business or shutting your doors.  Don’t underestimate everything that needs to go into this area, and when you get it right the sky is the limit!Deliverables Sample:

  • A Detailed Job Descriptions
  • Clear Accountabilities Per Role
  • Key Profiles to Maximize Profits
  • Posting Criteria to Drive Better Results
  • Cultural and Personal Profiling to Help Ensure Success

If you would like additional help in this area, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  Our next article will look at “Feedback.”