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Recruiting the Right Integrator

How Do You Attract and Recruit the Right Integrator?  After working in the EOS® community for several years and I’ve become not only a believer but a flag bearer with a passion for EOS®, it became clear to me, just as it had for Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters, that True Integrators are a rare breed.  As I’ve previously shared, there are plenty of Integrators out there. However, the majority are missing a couple key skills and characteristics that separate great business people and operators from Professional Integrators. Finding the right Integrator to recruit for your business demands a very skilled recruiter and one invested in your business. There is one key difference I want to highlight and that is the ability to skillfully step into conflict with the greater good in mind. This requires skill and experience. A great Integrator has to tell the Visionary not what they want to hear but what they need to hear for the betterment of the business and full comprehension and execution of EOS®.If you consider the Integrator Accountabilities and LMA, most accountabilities can be addressed by Integrators with the most modest training.  However, the ability to step into discomfort without putting self-preservation first goes against most humans’ instincts for fight, flight or freeze.  With discomfort comes the healthy tension you hear Mark C. Winters talk about, which is key to great results.Recently, in a conversation with one of my clients, he mentioned that he works with Visionaries across the country.  He stated that a large number of them still call all the shots and attempt to operate as an Integrator. (By the way, if you find yourself doing this, you probably have the wrong Integrator; the right one wouldn’t allow this to happen. It simply isn’t in their DNA to allow you to function that way.)How do you achieve Rocket Fuel without the right Integrator?  You can’t. Don’t get me wrong: you can achieve great improvements with process, concepts, scorecards and even working with many of the wonderful Implementers out there. However, to fully realize the power of EOS® you need a Professional Integrator.  As such, GCE Strategic Consulting has expanded its offerings and we are honored to be listed on Rocket Fuel for Recruiting Services.If you look at the recruiting space it is very, very crowded and recruiters go from company to company and typically maintain the same relationships for years, which is how they grow their business. Recruiting is a booming industry as you can see here.  When looking for a recruiter, you should be sure to know their specialty, their niche.  It can be industry-specific, such as manufacturing or sales, but be sure to work with a recruiter that truly gets EOS®. What makes us very different from every other recruiting company out thereWe not only provide Executive Support and Integrator Support but we also recruit Integrators and Integrators ONLY.  We have years of recruiting experience for Sr. Executives and Integrators and are Trusted Advisors in the specialty of recruiting Integrators.  Why it matters

  • Our process for interviewing both the Visionary and the Integrator has been created by a repetitive proven Integrator, Ken Paskins.  This insures a perfect match of behavioral capabilities and culture-fit between the two executives.
  • We conduct a GAP analysis of your company to better understand what the Integrator will be stepping into so that they can make an impact from day one.
  • For accurate analysis, we test and score our Integrator candidates with our own proprietary testing software.
  • We also conduct an in-depth GAP analysis of business areas which an Integrator must possess for a given business, such as project management or reading a P&L.
  • We recommend any additional, industry-specific training final candidates might benefit from to be more impactful.
  • We train our Integrators on the basic concepts of EOS® so that, when they onboard, you the Visionary, can hit the ground running on day one.
  • We ONLY work with EOS® companies.
  • I, Ken Paskins am directly involved in the entire process.

It is our opinion that recruiting and hiring an Integrator is not the same as hiring an IT, Sales or Finance person.  As a matter of fact, no role in your company can move the needle either positively or negatively as much as an Integrator can.  So why would anyone trust or risk their business with any other recruiter out there? What you’ll typically get is a Jack of all Trades/Master of None and ultimately achieve zero traction - or worse.If you agree with my assessment and what EOS® teaches don’t take looking for the right Integrator lightly. Mitigate risk and do it right.  Please take a look at our service, unique process and listing on Rocket Fuel today here. Next, reach out to us via email and take control of growing your business and realizing your dreams today!