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August Webinar

How to build a high-performance sales culture


August 2019 Webinar Replay
From Laggard to Leader: Improving your selling organization by implementing the Complete Sales Operating System


Whether you have a large organization or small business with just a few sales people, most business leaders wish they could get more out of their sales team. If you lack sales execution and consistent delivery, no real sales process or structure, or your sales team just aren’t hitting their numbers each quarter, then this recorded webinar is a great learning tool on how GCE and Cascade can help you get chaos under control.


Introduction from Carl Cox with Cascade Strategy

Carl Cox, the CEO of Cascade Strategy North America provides an overview of the webinar and the partnership between the two companies. Cascade Strategy helps organizations succeed by unlocking the power of their entire workforce by bringing alignment, clarity and purpose to everyone who works there.


The Complete Sales Operating System Introduction by Ken Paskins

In this second section of the webinar, Ken Paskins, CEO of GCE Strategic Consulting lays out the reasons why organizations need to put organization and process around the sales organization, which can be chaotic and unorganized in many organization. Ken provides the framework of how CSOS can help organizations strengthen their sales organization and build high-performance teams.


The Complete Sales Operating System Demo on CasCade STrategy Software

This final section of the webinar is presented by Bob BuWalda, Senior Partner at GCE Strategic Consulting and fractional sales executive. Bob will demonstrate how The Complete Sales Operating System is full integrated into Cascade Strategy Software and how your organization can take advantage of this leading methodology running on the top strategy software on the market.